tox-media-consultingAs clinical laboratories face increasing regulatory and financial pressure, it is imperative that these organizations run as efficiently as possible. Independent reference laboratories are not immune from such scrutiny and often face even tougher standards. Many laboratories are trying to discover unique ways to manage their business. Many independent labs are turning to laboratory consultants for guidance in daily operations, technological decisions, outreach efforts, strategic planning and best practice implementation. Allowing experts with experience in each of these disciplines can give your laboratory the boost that it needs to stay ahead of the competition and take on new opportunities.

Tox Design Group is a full-service medical laboratory consultancy made up of seasoned lab experts and healthcare experts that are dedicated exclusively to the laboratory industry.  We provide advisory, financial, operational and technical laboratory consulting services focused on profitable growth and quality improvement for all types of laboratories. With over 30 years of industry experience, Tox Design Group’s seasoned experts work closely with your group to build a road map for groundbreaking organizational development. Tox Design Group focuses upon designing and delivering long-term strategic solutions with quantifiable and significant returns on investment.  Please contact us to find out more about how our laboratory consultants can help your organization.